Accounting services include both every day accounting services, and complex business activity support services, which include the relevant legal services, tax planning and other services.

Our every accounting services are:

  • Accounting of companies, foreign company subsidiaries or permanent establishments in accordance with regulatory enactments of legislation of Republic of Latvia;
  • Tax accounting, drawing up and submitting tax reports for state institutions;
  • Representation in SRS and other state institutions;
  • Drawing up and submitting VAT declarations;
  • Drawing up annual reports;
  • Statistics report for Central Statistical Bureau, Bank of Latvia;
  • Annual tax declarations;
  • Drawing up statements and reports for the members or shareholders.

We provide the company’s finance audit (reviews) and related services in cooperation with qualified auditors:

  • Audit or review of company’s financial statement;
  • Inspection of the internal control system;
  • Inspection of company’s reorganization;
  • Inspection of reports on liquidation of the company.

All previously mentioned services are provided in accordance with International revision standards and laws of Republic of Latvia.