Before establishing a company, out team will ensure you with all information needed for your business, will provide consultations about establishing a company, the applicable taxes and will provide an insight in other demands, which are connected with realization of business activities in Latvia.

By establishing a company in Latvia, a possibility to execute legal transactions with both European Union companies, and companies, which are located in Eastern Europe is ensured. Because Latvia is a European Union’s member state, it’s companies have an ensured access to the European Union’s market. Particular attention should be paid to such advantages of Latvia: the favourable geographical location, knowledge of Russian and information about the market provides a chance to get into the market of Eastern Europe.

Competitiveness of Latvia is increased by the introduced tax relief. In addition to them, the corporate tax rate in Latvia is 15%, and tax relief is introduced for increase in capital, which has occurred as a result of selling the shares (Latvia’s holding mode).

Legislation in Latvia is focused on promotion of business and it insures equal regulatory enactments for both foreign and domestic investments. Latvia has a “friendly” environment for realization of business activity, which ensures access to reliable and qualified workforce, developed infrastructure which complies with international standards, and lower business maintenance costs in comparison with a lot of member states of the European Union. In addition, in a World Bank’s research “Doing Business Survey 2012” which inspects business environment, Latvia has been ranked in 25th place in the list of most favourable countries for realization of business activities.

Registration of a company in Latvia often ensures decrease in administration expenses to the entrepreneurs, giving a chance to invest the resources saved in development of the company. The favourable tax structure for holding companies ensures decrease in taxable sums, and an effective repatriation of profit tax.