Our experts have been included in the evaluation of capital contributions expert’s list of Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia, having rights to evaluate and give their opinions in such industries:

  • Entrepreneurial activity (for example evaluating a company in case of restructuring);
  • Intellectual property (trademarks, licences, patents);
  • Debts/liabilities subject to capitalisation;
  • Shares.

We have considerable experience in providing evaluation of capital contributions by rendering services to both Latvian and international companies. The evaluation is carried out according to the specific character of the company, and it reflects the possibilities and future perspective of the object under evaluation in the current situation.

By summing up situations, in which evaluation of the company or business is desired, such cases can be separated:

  • Reorganisation and joining of companies;
  • Securing the owner’s property interests;
  • Purchase-sale transactions of shares;
  • Planning of business and investments;
  • For Register of Enterprise, for justification of capital contribution in the fixed capital of the company;
  • Selling the shares between the connected undertakings, to prove compliance of the transaction to demands of transfer prices to the State Revenue Service;
  • For planning investments and business.

Evaluation is provided by implementing evaluation methods that are approved internationally.