Our clients

During our activity, we have provided tax planning, business evaluation, finance management, transfer price and accounting services to both representatives of international company groups, and local companies throughout Latvia. Clients value the professionalism of our company’s experts, and their ability to find individual solutions for the specific situation.

We keep our clients and services provided to them confidential. Thus general information about industries in which we have amassed specific professional knowledge is listed here:


We cooperate with retail and wholesale companies, and with distributors of various goods. Quality of services provided by our experts has been evaluated by wholesale companies of various industries that operate in such industries:

  • Food and household goods;
  • Domestic goods;
  • Manufacturing women’s clothing and lingerie;
  • Plumbing goods.

We have also cooperated with wholesale companies that operate in areas such as:

  • Timber;
  • Medical goods;
  • Grain and seeds;
  • Electronic appliances.

Our experts cooperate with distributors of goods in various industries for example:

  • Car spare parts;
  • Agricultural goods;
  • Office supplies;
  • Manufacturing equipment;
  • Food;
  • Beverages and spirits;
  • Tobacco articles;
  • Storage equipment;
  • Electronics.


Successful cooperation established with logistics and transportation service companies:

  • Associations of passenger transport;
  • Companies for transportation of chemical products;
  • Container carriage companies;
  • Logistics and forwarding companies.

Manufacturing companies

We have a lot of experience with manufacturing companies. Some of the goods produced by the companies are listed here:

  • Composite materials;
  • Medical equipment;
  • Plastic articles;
  • PVC compound articles;
  • Metal goods;
  • Domestic goods;
  • Working clothes;
  • Women’s clothes and lingerie;
  • Fibreglass;
  • Food;
  • Various equipment;
  • Dairy produce;
  • Spirits;
  • Veneering articles;
  • Wood.

Finance service providers

Significant experience has been amassed in cooperation with finance service providers:

  • Commercial banks;
  • Leasing companies;
  • Financing companies;
  • Asset administration companies.

Pharmacy companies

Taking into account the specification of pharmacy companies, the experienced amassed up until now and the successful cooperation with pharmacy companies in development of transfer price projects has been especially important.

IT service providers

In current information technology era, companies that provide IT service are becoming more important. During our activity, we have successfully cooperated with several Information Technology companies.


We have amassed wide range of experience by cooperating with companies, which represent specific industries, for example:

  • Management of recycled materials;
  • Telecommunication services;
  • Management of immovable property;
  • Fast-food catering;
  • Fuel retail;
  • Central storages;
  • Certification of produce;
  • Transit of mineral fertilizers.