Payroll calculator

In this section You will find two different types of payroll calculators, which are meant for payroll calculations in 2021.

(1) Normal payroll calculator – is meant for salary calculation from bruto to neto salary and opposite, from neto to bruto salary.

(2) Employers’ payroll calculator – developed for employers, calculations of neto and bruto salaries are based on total budget of workplace

Bruto/neto payroll calculator

Payroll calculator is used to calculate neto salary and taxes payable, if bruto salary is determined. First, You need to choose if it is necessary to calculate from bruto to neto salary or opposite, then mark if the salary tax booklet was sumbitted; if an employee is pensioner; if there are or not dependant; the number of dependants and non-taxable minimum.

Algas kalkulators

 Payroll calculator for employer

Determine which costs for the workplace You want to undertake (including all taxes, inc. social tax). Enter total costs in payroll calculator for employers and there will appear bruto and neto salary amounts, and taxes payable as well.

Algas kalkulators

Explanations and comments

Algas kalkulators

Payroll calculator includes algorithms, which are determined in the law, to make correct calculations of salaries and taxes payable. Payroll calculator algorithms and corresponding terms are described below.

For net salary and other related sum calculation:

  • enter gross salary in payroll calculator
  • choose additional parameters, which influence the level of salary: number of dependents, non-taxable amount, pension and other
  • get the results immediately

    Terms used in payroll calculator are described below



    Gross salary

    Gross salary is  sum of salary, before the deduction of tax and insurance. You can calculate gross salary in payroll calculator, if net salary is known.

    Net salary

    Net salary is is the result of initial pay including tax and other sorts of deductions made. You can calculate net salary in payroll calculator, if gross salary is known.

    Minimum salary

    Minimum salary is 500 EUR per month.

    Differentiated non-taxable minimum

    Maximal  non-taxable minimum can be 3 600 EUR per year. If salary is more than 21 600 EUR per year (above 1 800 EUR per month), non-taxable minimum is 0 EUR. Maximal non-taxable minimum in payroll calculator is determined as 300 EUR.

    Please, take into account, that if Your salary is above 1 800 EUR, You can not get non-taxable minimum. Payroll calculator does not consider this nuance, because minimum salary is determined by SRS EDS system. So when You enter non-taxable minimum, if your salary is above 1 800 EUR, the result will not be correct.

    Salary tax booklet

    Salary tax booklet is not physical document anymore, like it was before, but record in the tax information system of SRS. This document is electronic and is available in SRS EDS system.

    SRS includes in salary tax booklet following information:

    • tax reliefs for dependants
    • tax additional reliefs for disability or politically repressed person status, or national resistance movement participant status
    • pension allocation or rights of loss of pension

    Natural person has to submit salary tax booklet on his own, by using SRS EDS system or show up to SRS.

    If natural person choose not to show salary tax booklet to employer, person can apply himself corresponding benefits, by submitting annual income declaration and returning overpaid personal income tax sum.

    That way, payroll calculator provides for cases when salary tax booklet is submitted, and when it is not. 

    Personal income tax

    Rates of personal income tax:


    • 20% – for income below 1 667 EUR per month
    • 23% for the part of income, which above 1 667 EUR per month


    • 20% – for income below 20 004 EUR per year
    • 23% – for part of income, which is above 20 004 EUR and below 62 800 EUR
    • 31% – for part of income, which is above 62 800 EUR per year. To pay this tax, it is necessary to submit annual income declaration. 

    Payroll calculator does not take into account yearly rates of taxes.

    It is important, while calculating personal income tax, that in the case of constant taxes rates, base of taxable income is calculated by following formula:

    PIT = (Gross salary – ( gross salary + MSIC (10.5%)) x PIT rate

    In the case of progressive tax rate, deducted amount of SSIMC is determined as 23%. Calculating deducted amount of SSIMC for the sum below 1 667:

    PIT = (Gross salary – (gross salary x (gross salary x MSIC (10.5%)) x 20/23 x PIT rate

    Employers’ total costs 

    Payroll calculator give the opportunity to calculate employers’ total costs, if  gross salary is known. Employers’ total costs consist of gross salaries employers’ part of SSIMC and total sum of risk duty.

    State social insurance mandatory contributions (SSIMC)

    Payroll calculator provides three different regimes of SSIMC:

    In general case (in calculator choosing “no” for “pensioner”) there are following sections of SSIMC:

    • 10.5% – employees’ part
    • 23.59% – employers’ part

    Pensioner rates (choosing “pensioner” in calculator):

    • 9.25% – employees’ part
    • 20.77% – employers’ part

    Service rates (when selected in the salary calculator – “Service pension”)

    • 9.76%- employees’ part
    • 21.94%- employers’part

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    Statistical average values and medians of bruto and neto salaries and related explanations are described in article  “Bruto salary“.

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